Post-Master's Certificate

Post-Master’s Certificate

Post-Master’s programs are available to students who have an earned a MSN and seek specialized knowledge and skills as a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator. Graduates of the programs will be qualified to take the certification examination for their specialty.

All courses for this certificate will be offered online. Some courses may also occaisonally be offered face to face for those who wish to come to campus. One day clinical evaluation visits at Northern Kentucky University are required during all primary care nurse practitioner clinical residency courses.  Additionally, a 3-4 day Campus Residency is required the summer before starting nurse practitioner clinical courses.

The Department of Advanced Nursing Studies Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) Committee reserves the right to determine the applicability of graduate transfer credit. A maximum of 40% of your program may consist of transfer work that can be applied to the program of study..

We currently offer the following Post Masters Programs: