MSN Core Courses

All students in the Master of Science in Nursing Program will complete the MSN Core Courses.

Completion of the core curriculum ensures that all students, regardless of specialty, develop critical thinking, specialized knowledge, professional accountability, leadership, research, advanced communication skills and caring behaviors that are expectations of the masters-prepared nurse.

Program Requirements and Sequencing

The requirements listed on our website are those contained in the current graduate catalog. You are responsible for meeting the program requirements in your catalog of record, which is the catalog from the academic year you enrolled at NKU as a degree seeking student.

The MSN Programs at NKU offers lock step progressions that are designed to move students through the program on a set schedule of coursework. Deviating from the set progressions can significantly impede your progress to graduation and is discouraged. All students have six years to finish their graduate degree at Northern Kentucky University.


MSN Core Course Curriculum

NRP 600 Scholarly Inquiry(3)
NRP 601 Role Development for Adv. Nursing Practice (1)
NRP 604 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice (3)
NRP 612 Healthcare Policy & Economics (3)
MHI 601 Technical Foundations of Health Informatics
STA 614 Statistics for Researchers (3)

Total: 16 * Credit Hours plus a concetration specific capstone project