Radiologic Science

A field growing in leaps and bounds ...

The Radiologic Science program at NKU provides students the opportunity to enter into a rapidly advancing field, full of cutting edge scientific progress, utilizing state of the art equipment, in a growing profession that offers a fulfilling and promising future.

Radiologic technologists (or radiographers) are healthcare professionals who create medical images of the body to help health care providers diagnose and treat illness and injury. At NKU, we prepare students in the diagnostic field of Radiography.  This area of professional practice involves the use of radiation to provide images for examination of the tissues, organs, bones, and vessels of the body.

Crucial to successful interpretation, the radiologic technologist is responsible for accurately and properly:

  • preparing the patient for radiologic examinations
  • positioning the patient for radiologic examinations
  • selecting the amount of x-ray exposure
  • processing the images
  • evaluating the image quality
  • assisting the radiologist during fluoroscopic procedures

When it comes to being part of a patient care team attempting to diagnose or rule out disease or injury, it's easy to see that the role of the Radiologic Technologist is essential.

THE PRIORITY DEADLINE TO APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM IS FEB. 15 OF EACH YEAR.  For more information on applying, including required prerequisite courses, please click on Admission Procedure & Eligibility link at right.

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The NKU Radiologic Science Program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.

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